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Our `feel good´ face masks

a necessity becomes a fashion accessory

As it is obligatory and will be for some time in the future we would like to make sure you look good wearing a face mask and the mask looks good on you.

We offer a variety of unicoloured or stripy to wildly patterned designs to provide masks for every taste. Please contact martina-loule for any request, e.g. batch production for your corporate identity.   contact@martina-loule.com

  • Our ´feel good` masks are made of 2 layer of tightly woven 100% cotton or linen textile inside and outside
  • They come in 2 sizes for adults and in 3 sizes for children

We chose not to integrate a filter because we believe that our double-layer cotton mask is sufficient and more comfortable.

The double-layer textile mesh can prevent the spread of potentially infected micro-droplets from you to others. Masks are safest when used by everybody.

Below we provide some information about why and how to wear a cloth mask…


Source: www.cdc.gov