At martina loulé, you will find an exquisite selection of ceramics, sculptures and other items which are designed and handcrafted by portuguese artists, both established and emerging.

I also showcase an always changing selection of textiles and fashion, with the focus on natural cotton and linen fibre.

My jewelry ranges from affordable timeless pieces to unique works of necklaces and earrings which do not come off a factory line, but are made by myself or by other artists who care.One corner of my shop in Loulé is dedicated to my creative energy and serves as my atelier, where I design my own collection of jewelry.

Over the years I have acquired an extensive knowledge of precious materials and gemstones. This knowledge enables me to design jewelry which is uncommon, wearable and often one of a kind.

I am aware of fashion trends and bear them in mind when creating a new collection, but my pieces will always have my own personal style and touch.

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